Allegro MicroSystems has introduced a new single-chip Hall-effect current sensor ICs that complies with the automotive AEC-Q100 standard, the ACS71240 family, which has the advantages of small size and high energy efficiency. The target application is electric vehicle charger, DC/DC converter, industrial motors and the Internet of Things.

The new device has been further improved on the basis of the previous generation ACS711:

  • The output signal has stronger anti-interference ability for stray magnetic fields generated by adjacent motors or current-carrying wires;
  • Higher output signal accuracy (<±1.5% typical);
  • The output signal has a higher resistance to power supply rail rail noise.

The ACS71240 features extremely fast dedicated overcurrent fault output protection with a typical response time of 1.5μs for increased system safety. This fault output provides an easy way to detect short-circuit events to prevent damage to MOSFETs or IGBT devices in inverters, motors and other switching power supply applications.

The ACS71240 family is designed to replace shunt resistors, op amps, current transformers, and voltage isolators in applications requiring small form factor, monolithic sensor solutions. These fully integrated solutions reduce overall cost while reducing PCB area by eliminating the need for discrete components.

For more information on this product, please refer to the Allegro website: