Rutronik, a global distributor of electronic components, recently signed a global distribution agreement with Polish manufacturer Wilk Elektronik. Wilk Elektronik manufactures memory products under the GOODRAM brand, such as DRAM memory modules, memory cards, USB flash drives and solid state drives (SSDs). The distribution agreement between the two parties has entered into force and is applicable worldwide.

Wilk Elektronik is the only manufacturer of DRAM memory modules in Europe and has established a technical partnership with Toshiba. Wilk Elektronik operates its own production facilities and specializes in the development and production of DRAM memory modules and flash memory products for industrial applications, especially industrial computers, embedded PCs, and automation, measurement, automotive and communication systems.

Wolfgang Kemmler, industrial sales manager of Wilk Elektronik, pointed out that the company has a long-term relationship with Rutronik. “We have been cooperating in many different fields since 2010. As a major global distributor with rich experience and excellent logistics concept, Rutronik is our ideal partner."

Andreas Hofmann, senior marketing manager for Rutronik storage products, stressed: "By signing a distribution agreement with Wilk Elektronik, we are expanding the lineup of high-performance storage products. Now, our customers around the world can choose the GOODRAM Industrial brand of cost-effective quality storage products for their projects. "