Microchip announces 12 new successive approximation register (SAR) analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) and companion differential amplifiers designed specifically for the new SAR ADC family to meet the needs of the application market for higher speed and higher resolution analog to digital conversion.

Designed for high temperature and high electromagnetic operating environments, the MCP331x1(D)-xx family includes the industry's only 16-bit SAR that is AEC-Q100 compliant and has a sampling rate of 1Msps, provides essential reliability for automotive and industrial applications. The MCP6D11 differential amplifier provides a low distortion, high precision interface for full ADC performance in the system.

The MCP331x1(D)-xx family offers resolutions ranging from 12, 14 and 16 bits, and speed options ranging from 500ksps to 1Msps, giving developers the right ADC for their design. The ADCs are capable of operating at 1.8V fixed low AVDD and low current (1.6 mA typical output current at 1Msps, 1.4 mA at 500 ksps) with ultra-low power and full-scale input range.

The devices support a wide digital I/O interface voltage range (1.7V - 5.5V) for direct connection to major devices such as Microchip PIC32, AVR® and Arm®-based microcontrollers and microprocessors, eliminating the need for external voltage level shifting device. The MCP331x1(D)-xx family includes single-ended and differential input voltage measurement options that enable the system to convert the difference between two arbitrary waveforms. The AEC-Q100 certified series delivers reliable performance in harsh environments and is ideal for applications such as high precision data acquisition, electric vehicle battery management, motor control and switching power supplies.

The MCP33111 is priced at $1.45 each (based on 10K pcs) in the new SAR ADC series, and the MCP33131 is priced at $4.65 each (based on 10K pcs). The MCP6D11 is priced at $1.17 each (based on 10K pcs) and the MCP331x1(D)-xx evaluation kit is priced at $175.

For more information on this range of products, please refer to Microchip's website: https://www.microchip.com/pressreleasepage/high-speed-high-resolution-AEC-Q100-qualified-SAR-ADC-family