TSMC today announced that it has approved a $3.35 billion capital budget to build plants, expand and upgrade advanced process capacity.

TSMC pointed out that the capital budget will be used to build factories, expand and upgrade advanced process capacity, upgrade special process capacity, convert logic process capacity to special process capacity, and develop capital budget and recurring capital budget in the first quarter of next year.

It is worth noting that IC Insights announced today that the top 15 semiconductor suppliers this year, TSMC was surpassed by SK hynix, ranking from the third place last year to the fourth place.

IC Insights pointed out that Samsung's sales will increase by more than 25% annually among the top 15 semiconductor suppliers in the world this year; SK Hynix's annual growth rate is the highest among all manufacturers, with an annual growth rate of 41%; TSMC’s annual growth rate is 6%, which is lagging behind other manufacturers in terms of growth.

In addition, TSMC's board of directors today approved the appointment of Xilinx's former CEO Moshe N. Gavrielov as a member of the remuneration committee, which is effective today. TSMC said that it mainly hopes to enhance the independence of the remuneration committee.