Yesterday, Mouser announced the expansion of its global headquarters and distribution center.

According to Mouser, the planned expansion of the distribution center is 11,845 square meters and is about to break ground. Prior to this, Mouser had completed a major expansion, including more warehouse space and additional employee fitness centers and medical clinics, which have been completed in the past two years.

In addition, Mouser plans to add a new building to the company's 78-acre campus to accommodate the customer service team.

Mark Burr-Lonnon, Senior Vice President, Global Services and Europe, Middle East and Africa and Asia Pacific, said: “We are beginning to view the building expansion as an ongoing process to support the growth we have experienced over the years. Every year is our new record, but we must have free inventory, this is our business model. We promise to stock more than 1 million parts by the end of 2018, and continue to increase in 2019 and beyond."