IC Insights today released its 2018 revenue ranking report, Samsung ranked first, and total revenue was 19% higher than Intel.

Among the top 15 semiconductor suppliers in the global revenue ranking, the number one Samsung's sales this year is estimated to be 83.258 billion US dollars, an increase of 26% compared with last year's 65.82 billion. The second-ranked Intel has only grown 14% this year, total revenue is 70.154 billion US dollars.

IC Insight releases global semiconductor supplier annual revenue rankings-SemiMedia

Intel was the number one semiconductor supplier in the first quarter of last year, but was surpassed by Samsung in its full-year ranking. This is the first time Intel has lost its number one position since 1993, the reason is the high demand in the DRAM and NAND flash markets over the past year, Samsung has surpassed Intel through its storage chip business. It is expected that Samsung’s storage business will account for 84% of the total sales this year.

Another high-profile semiconductor supplier in the rankings is SK Hynix. SK hynix ranked fourth last year, but this year surpassed TSMC, ranking fourth, with total sales of $37.731 billion, an increase of 41%.

Among these semiconductor suppliers, only Qualcomm's sales have declined this year, and its total sales this year was only 16.481 billion US dollars, down 3% from last year. In addition, the largest increase in rankings is Western Digital, which has a total revenue growth of 21% this year, rising from a ranking of 15 last year to 12.

Overall, the total sales of the top 15 semiconductor companies in the world this year will be 18% higher than last year and 2% higher than the previous forecast of 16%.