13 years ago, Google’s ex-CEO Eric proposed the cloud computing concept, through the development in the past 13 years, the IoT technology which base on cloud computing finally get into mass commercialization.

The IoT ecological chain been well developed, from the building block layer to platform layer to application layer, it composes a diversified IoT ecological chain. One of the important part is the support from electronic components, the typical manufacturers are TI, Atmel, NXP…etc. As an experienced semiconductor manufacturer, TI had optimized their product line to support the IoT applications, from its processor to MCU, sensor to power management, amplifier to LDO examples:
1. Wireless Connectivity: CC3220/ CC2640R2F/ CC1350/ CC3120/ CC2650/ CC1310
2. Wired Connectivity: DP83867CR/ DP83822I/ SN65HVD1794
3. Processor: AM5728/ AM3358/ AM4379
4. MCU: MSP432/ MSP430/ TM4C129x
5. Sensor: HDC1080/ TMP116/ OPT3001/ FDC2214
6. LDO: LP5907/ TPS782/ TPS717
7. ……
As shown above, TI’s product line covers all parts which IoT device needs, offer a complete solution for customer’s design. In other word, you can build an IoT device with only TI’s electronic components, of course except the passive components.