As reported, the MCU total sales in 2016 was 16.6 billions US dollars, total quantity sold was 22.4 billions pcs, MCU demand are increasing, especially 32 bits MCU, which are now in a significant market position among all the MCU products. As prediction, MCU market will keep goes up smoothly in the coming 5 years due to the new demand from IoT and smart applications, these applications required a higher graphics capability.

In ELEXCON exhibition, ST launched the new STM32H7 series, it is a 400Mhz MCU base on ARM Cortex-M7, integrates with 2M Flash, 1M RAM. It is quite a excellent product for floating point arithmetic and image processing according to specification. After NXP and ST launched their new products, we believe that there are more new products on the way from other global semiconductor manufacturers. Besides, more and more Chinese manufacturers show up in this field, MindMotion Microelectronics is one of them. The MM32 series MCU products from MindMotion already in the market for years and now has varies products for different applications. In 2017, the IoT and wireless charging brings to them a rapid growth, it is a opportunity for other Chinese manufacturers as well.