Renesas Electronics recently announced the official launch of its intellectual property (IP license) business. The first offerings cover IP licenses for more than 40 categories, including CPU cores, control chips, and SRAM. Renesas Electronics will gradually transform from a hardware manufacturer to a fabless semiconductor manufacturer that provides integrated software and hardware services.

After experiencing the 2008 financial crisis and the 311 earthquake in 2011, Renesas Electronics received funding from the Japanese government to rebuild. The reconstruction was completed in 2015, after which it locked in the field of automotive controllers and started to develop again.

Renesas Electronics pointed out that the chip's intellectual property-related market is a global market with an annual growth rate of more than 10%. The global market size is expected to exceed 10 billion US dollars by 2025. Therefore, Renesas Electronics decided to fully open its sales, not only for the module factories it has already cooperated, but also for more than 1,000 semiconductor factories around the world to purchase intellectual property rights from Renesas. Renesas Electronics' goal is to generate $89 million in IP business revenue in 2025.

“As a leading global semiconductor supplier with deep manufacturing expertise, Renesas Electronics brings unique insights into the IP market with its extensive semiconductor IP licensing scheme. This fully open program provides system manufacturers and fabless semiconductor companies with a reliable IP that enables them to accelerate software development cycles and develop custom semiconductor products more quickly, accelerating global technological innovation.”said Hiroyuki Kondo, Vice President of Shared R&D Division 1, Automotive Solution Business Unit, Renesas Electronics Corporation.