Maxim Integrated announces the release of version 2.0 of the health sensor platform (HSP 2.0) to help designers looking to continuously monitor multiple health parameters to quickly create unique, high-precision wearable solutions. A new generation of rapid prototyping, evaluation and development platforms (MAXREFDES101#) that help wrist-worn wearables monitor ECG, heart rate and body temperature, saving up to 6 months of development time.

For wearable products, wrist-worn devices are very convenient for the user to wear on a daily basis. However, accurately monitoring ECG from the wrist has always been a challenge. In addition, obtaining a high-precision body temperature usually requires the use of a thermometer at other locations. With its unique sensor and health monitoring technology, Maxim's HSP 2.0 has successfully overcome these challenges.

The HSP 2.0 features a wrist-worn form factor that is sealed in the watch case, providing basic functionality out of the box and ready for immediate body monitoring measurements. Data can be stored on the platform for patient evaluation or imported into a PC for subsequent analysis. Unlike other wearable devices, the measurement data collected by HSP 2.0 can be mastered by the wearer, reducing user concerns about data privacy and allowing users to perform data analysis themselves. In addition, because HSP 2.0 is an open platform, designers can evaluate their algorithms on the board. At the same time, as time goes by, the modular design ensures continuous competitiveness and quick adaptation to new sensors.

HSP 2.0 includes the following products:

  • MAX32630 DARWIN Low-Power Microcontroller for Wearable andIoT Applications
  • MAX32664 ultra-low-power biometric sensor concentrator with integrated heart rate algorithm
  • MAX20303 highly integrated and programmable power management solution for ultra-low-power wearable applications
  • MAX30205 body temperature sensor with an accuracy of ±0.1 °C
  • MAX30001 ultra-low-power, single-channel integrated biopotential and bioelectrical impedance analog front end (AFE) solution for wearable applications
  • MAX86141 ultra low power optical pulse oximeter and heart rate sensor for wearable devices

Main advantage

  • Fast time to market: Full-featured hardware and firmware with a matching watch case saves up to 6 months of design and verification time
  • High precision: the only wrist-worn solution that integrates clinical grade ECG, heart rate and body temperature measurements

Health Sensor Platform 2.0 (MAXREFDES101#) is available with hardware and firmware. The price is $399 and can be purchased through Maxim's official website and franchisees distributors. For more information on this product, please refer to the Maxim Integrated’s website: