Intel recently announced the acquisition of Vertex.AI, a Seattle startup, to enhance Intel’s machine learning capabilities.

According to reports, Vertex has developed a software that can reduce the complexity of hardware execution algorithms. Co-founder and CEO Choong Ng said that there is a big gap between the capabilities shown in neural network research and the practical application. Because of the lack of tools that are light and easy for developers to use, most organizations have no way of understanding the benefits of deep learning for their business.

All of Vertex's seven employees will join Intel's Movidius team, and its deep learning platform, PlaidML, will remain part of the Intel nGraph tool, translating code from TensorFlow or other machine learning environments for Intel hardware use.

As we all know, NVIDIA has made great achievements in the field of machine learning, another purpose of Intel's acquisition of Vertex is to catch up with NVIDIA in this field.