In the past two years, the global supply of MOSFETs has been very tight, mainly due to the increase in new applications, coupled with insufficient supply of silicon wafers, making MOSFET production directly affected. Recently, some MOSFET industry insiders said that according to the current situation, the supply of MOSFET may remain tight next year.

Sinopower, a fabless IC design company in Taiwan which dedicated in power discrete devices (MOSFET & IGBT) and high voltage power IC (HV IC) design and Marketing/Sales, recently said that the current supply of raw materials is not enough, the tight situation of foundry capacity will continue. Sinopower has signed a contract with suppliers on the supply of silicon wafers in 2019. At present, Sinopower's partners in the fab industry are VIS, Huahonggrace. In order to ensure the supply of raw materials, the current partners will continue to be the mainstay next year, and will find new wafer suppliers to ensure continuous supply.

The MOSFET industry insider said that the market supply and demand is tight, mainly due to the continuous growth of new applications over the past few years. These applications mainly include artificial intelligence related applications, smart homes, smart speakers and other consumer products, plus the rapid development of electric cars, the self-driving, the Internet of Things, and the cloud center have made the MOSFET supply changed significantly in the past few years. Although the fabs in mainland China will have new production capacity in the near future. However, due to plant construction, equipment delivery takes time, and terminal demand is still in a period of growth, the current supply and demand situation is difficult to be alleviated in a short period of time.