Nexperia recently announced the introduction of the X2SON4 four-pin minimum package logic component, eliminating the need for an expensive and fragile down mask process. This package will make PCB assembly faster, easier, more reliable and more cost effective.

The X2SON package is part of the MicroPak package family - providing the smallest area for logic components while maintaining a 0.4mm or greater pad pitch. Compared to the 5-pin X2SON5, the new 4-pin X2SON4 package reduces area by 44%; compared to XSON packages, it reduces area by 64%.

As the package becomes smaller, the pad pitch is also reduced, and the use of standard assembly tools becomes difficult. If the pitch is reduced to less than 0.4 mm, solder paste should be applied  by using a thinner and finer down mask. Photomasks are usually replaced periodically and may require the use of more expensive solder pastes. Nexperia's X2SON package eliminates the need for a down mask, saving manufacturing costs. In addition, the larger pad spacing of the X2SON provides a larger contact area, making it easier to place components and improved joint strength and robustness. The larger the pad pitch, the easier it is to avoid costly assembly problems such as misaligned components, and the lower the risk of short circuit.

In addition, the new X2SON4 package logic components are 0.32mm thick and 0.6mm wide and length. This size is suitable for portable applications where space is at a premium, such as IoT, wearable devices and consumer electronics.