On August 14, Infineon Technologies AG and the well-known Chinese e-commerce company JD Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement. According to reports, the cooperation agreement aims to create an efficient and secure intelligent IoT ecosystem.
“Infineon is committed to supporting a wide range of industries through safe and efficient technology, with a strong focus on building strong alliances with local market partners. As a basic technology provider, Infineon provides effective technical support for various aspects, such as the creation of IoT devices, data connectivity, Storage and analysis. The purpose of this collaboration is to accelerate the application of scenarios such as smart homes and to assist JD's cloud service platform to continuously improve.” said Adam White, Senior Vice President, Global Sales, Infineon Power Management and Diversified Marketing. 

"Working with leading global semiconductor companies such as Infineon is of strategic importance to JD," said Su Xianglong, general manager of the Intelligent Manufacturing Division of Electronics and Entertainment Group. “Whether it is the electronic component solution platform or the overall IoT ecosystem we are committed to, the breakthrough depends on the innovation and support of the underlying technology, which ultimately translates into a smarter, more convenient and safer user experience.”

On August 7, SemiMedia reported on Infineon's cooperation with the Alibaba Group on the Internet of Things. After a week, Infineon announced a partnership with another Internet company in China. It is not difficult to see that Infineon is vigorously deploying its China's Internet of Things market.