On August 15, Maxim Integrated announced the introduction of a highly reliable four-channel enhanced digital isolator, the MAX22445 5kVRMS, to help designers better protect industrial systems from high-voltage signals. Compared to existing competitive solutions, the MAX22445 offers up to 2x throughput and 4x lower power consumption, providing reliable communication on both sides of the galvanic isolation, ensuring safe operation in industrial and medical equipment where size is limited.

In high-voltage equipment, digital isolators provide signal isolation and level shifting to ensure proper circuit operation and protect users from high-voltage threats such as electric shock.

The MAX22445 overcomes the shortcomings of other digital isolators and provides an enhanced, dual-insulation isolation layer to support fast digital signal transmission. The IC can transmit signals up to 200 Mbps and consumes far less power than competing solutions. The device is available in a 16-lead wide-body SOIC package with a creepage distance and gap of 8mm.

Key advantages of the MAX22445

- Low power consumption: 1Mbps, VDD is 1.8V, the current consumption and power consumption per channel is only 0.41mA and 0.74mW. Compared with the competitive solution, power consumption is reduced by 4 times, heat is reduced, and reliable and compact design is supported.

- High rate: Maximum transmission delay of 10.5ns, maximum data rate of 200Mbps, support for fast, high-precision data acquisition and high-speed interface, providing a wide timing margin. IC throughput is doubled compared to other solutions.

- Stable and reliable: The dual isolation layer provides 5kVRMS and 10kV surge protection to ensure reliable performance during long-term operation and meet operational safety standards.

The MAX22445 unit price is $3.49 (based on 1000pcs), the MAX22445FWEVKIT# evaluation board is priced at $32. For more information on this product, please visit Maxim Integrated's official website: https://www.maximintegrated.com