Affected by the trade war between China and the United States, China recently announced the latest list of additional tariffs, including connectors from Molex, TE, Tyco, Amphenol and other connector manufacturers. These products have become the first products in the electronic components to be affected by trade wars.

Affected by trade wars, China imposes additional tariffs on US-made connectors-SemiMedia

It is understood that the additional tariff is 25%, mainly for US-made connectors, which means that the procurement cost of Chinese customers will increase by 25%, which is a quarter of the previous purchase price. These customers include manufacturers and traders. According supply chain, this will directly lead to an increase in the price of connector products in China, and may also lead some customers to look for alternatives which made in China.

From the current list, the affected products are basically passive components, and no integrated circuit products are involved. If the trade war continues, integrated circuit products may also be listed in the future.