Nexperia recently introduced a rugged, low-voltage superjunction MOSFET, the BUK9J0R9-40H, which is packaged in a thermally efficient LFPAK56E package, reducing board space by up to 81% compared to conventional D2PAK or D2PAK-7 solutions. This device has a low RDS(on) of only 0.9mΩ and can handle a maximum load current of 220 A at 40 V and is suitable for applications with switching power up to 1.2 kW, providing a cost-effective solution.

Nexperia introduced new superjunction MOSFETs-SemiMedia

The 220-A low RDS(on) and maximum current rating of the new MOSFET are the highest so far in Power-SO8 devices for the automotive industry. Super junction technology provides higher avalanche capability and a wider safe operating area, providing higher performance under fault conditions.

For higher current applications such as automotive power steering, gearbox motor control, ABS, ESC, pumps (water, oil and fuel), fan speed control, reverse polarity protection, and DC/DC switching converters, the MOSFETs can also be connected in parallel run.

Product Marketing Manager Norman Stapelberg said: “Nexperia is the only company with a low-voltage superjunction MOSFET platform. Nexperia is the market leader in terms of overall reliability and performance - the rugged Trench 9 superjunction technology and the super-powerful LFPAK56 Combined with the LFPAK56E package, engineers can confidently use the device in their safety-critical designs."