Maxim Integrated introduced the MAX98357 and MAX98358 digital input Class-D audio power amplifiers to help designers achieve cost-effective, compact, efficient, plug-and-play solutions. In addition to having a small form factor, the device can achieve Class 3.2 amplifier sound quality with Class D amplifier efficiency, and achieve excellent high-fidelity sound for a variety of product applications.

Maxim releases latest class D digital speaker amplifier-SemiMedia

In traditional designs, electronics engineers need to use digital/analog converters and add line drivers to the application processor when using analog amplifiers. This increases the overall cost of speaker output and affects the final product size. With the increasing popularity of consumer-oriented voice-activated devices, consumer demand for audio quality has also increased. Designers need to ensure audio quality while meeting design simplicity, low power consumption, and high efficiency.

The MAX98357 pulse code modulation and MAX98358 pulse density modulation plug-and-play speaker amplifiers take advantage of Maxim's pinout flexibility. Compared with the typical analog amplifier scheme, the number of components is greatly reduced, thereby greatly reducing the size of the solution. Since most users control the volume in digital up-stream, these features allow users to take advantage of Maxim's cost-effective wafer-level packaging without the need for expensive PCB VIAs. In order to achieve excellent sound quality, the components use digital inputs with high noise immunity and high jitter tolerance (better than at least 8dB for competing solutions). The components also provide excellent electromagnetic interference suppression, allowing the use of long wires to connect the speakers without the need for additional external filtering. In addition, components provide the industry's highest Class D efficiency.