Analog Devices recently introduces a Digital-to-Analog Converter, the AD5758, which integrates Analog Devices' second-generation Dynamic Power Control function to support high-density analog output (AOUT) modules without sacrificing The amount of use (not to shut down the channel due to heat build-up) enables a lower cost, more compact design. This single-channel current/voltage DAC design with DPC is mainly used in industrial applications for channel isolation between factory automation, process automation, and motor control. It is the lowest power industrial DAC for ADI.

Analog Devices introduces a new DAC-SemiMedia

The AD5758 measures 5mm x 5mm and is the smallest in its class. Its rugged construction requires fewer external protection components and can support smaller, lower-cost designs. Advanced diagnostics can help understand system performance conditions to achieve higher reliability and schedule maintenance. The AD5758 also includes an output fault protection circuit to protect the DAC when miswired.