Toshiba announced the launch of three photorelays in P-SON4 packages, TLP3480, TLP3481 and TLP3482. The mounting area of the new package is significantly smaller than SOP package.

All three new photorelays provide off-state output terminal rated voltage and conduction rated current comparable to SOP package products. The ratings range from 30V/4.5A to 100V/2A, depending on the device.

The mounting area of the new P-SON4 package is 7.2 mm2 (typical value), which is nearly 74% smaller than the SOP4 package and 84% smaller than the SOP6 package, which is very suitable for high-density mounting. In addition, it has achieved low on-resistance by using Toshiba's latest MOSFET chip in the receiver.

TLP3480, TLP3481 and TLP3482 all have high conduction rated currents of 4.5A, 3A and 2A, which can be widely used in various measurement equipment applications.

For more information please visit TLP3480, TLP3481 and TLP3482.