Today, some changes have taken place in the structure of the authorized distributors of Maxim Integrated in China. Serial System has become the authorized distributor of Maxim Integrated, responsible for the distribution of all Maxim Integrated devices in mainland China.

Serial System was previously an important authorized distributor of TI in China, and made great contributions to TI's entry into the Chinese market. According to SemiMedia’s earlier report, after TI ended its distribution rights in September 2018, Serial System sold its TI business to ARROW at a price of $3 million according to the agreement.

According to sources in the supply chain, Serial System has been negotiating with Maxim Integrated for authorized agency since the end of its relationship with TI, and it was once very close to reaching an agreement. After ending the authorized distribution relationship of Japanese company Tomen Devices Corporation this year, Maxim finally chose Serial System as its new partner.

Less than two months after ADI announced the acquisition of Maxim Integrated, Serial System became the authorized distributor of Maxim Integrated in the Chinese market. How much will this promote Maxim's share of the analog IC market? Will it affect TI's market share? We don't know yet, but it is worth mentioning that China is the world's largest market, and Serial System was once an important partner of TI to develop the Chinese market.