ASML, a semiconductor manufacturing equipment manufacturer, recently released its first-generation HMI multi-beam inspection machine, HMI eScan1000, which is suitable for semiconductor production at 5nm and more advanced processes and can increase production capacity by 600%.

HMI eScan1000 is a detection system based on HMI multi-beam technology. Its complex photoelectric subsystem can generate and control multiple electron beams, and then analyze the quality of the wafer based on the reflected electron beam imaging.

Simply put, the HMI eScan1000 machine is a system to verify the quality of wafers produced by advanced processes. Its inspection accuracy and throughput determine the efficiency of production. The breakthrough of HMI eScan1000 is that it can generate and control nine electron beams at the same time, which can greatly reduce the time used for wafer quality analysis, so that the capacity can be increased by 600%.

According to ASML, the first-generation HMI eScan1000 can be used for 5nm and advanced process wafer testing, and has been delivered to customers for testing and verification. In the future, ASML will also launch more beam test equipment to meet customer requirements for advanced processes.