According to report, ARM yesterday officially announced its latest products, the Cortex-A78 CPU and Mali-G78 GPU, which will be used in the next generation of flagship smartphones in 2021 and beyond.

ARM revealed that compared to Cortex-A77, Cortex-A78 is suitable for 5nm process, with 20% performance improvement and 50% reduction in power consumption. Mali-G78 GPU supports up to 24 cores, compared with G77, it can improve graphics performance by 25%.

In addition, ARM also announced a new Cortex-X1 high-performance CPU, its performance will be 30% higher than Cortex-A77. According to information published by ARM, the single core of the Cortex-X1 is much larger than the A77 and A78. The maximum capacity of the L2 cache is 1MB, while the shared L3 cache can reach 8MB, which is twice that of previous generations. Therefore, it is not possible to use this product only for smartphones like Cortex-A78.

Finally, ARM also introduced a new Ethos-N78 NPU. Compared with the Ethos-N77, performance is expected to increase by 25%, which will bring more powerful machine learning capabilities to mobile devices.