ABLIC Inc. launched S-1222 Series recently, S-1222 is a 0.31mm low-profile package LDO regulator suitable for smart cards.

Ablic released the world smallest LDO regulator-SemiMedia

S-1222 Series features the DFN-6(1518)A (1.5x1.8x0.31mm typ.), the industry's smallest class and low-profile (ultra-thin) package specifically designed to meet customer needs for smart cards and wearables.

The demand for low current consumption ICs is rising for both smart cards and wearables. Boasting a low current consumption of 6.5μA, the S-1222 Series answers that need.

Customer demand for charging, especially wireless charging is very high. Higher voltage requirements on the receiving side (the input side of the power management IC) make high-withstand power management ICs indispensable. The high 28V input voltage of S-1222 Series addresses the high-withstand voltage requirements during wireless charging.

[Major Specifications]
1. Built in DFN-6(1518)Athe industry's smallest package for smart cards
2. High withstand voltage capability of 28V
3. High-withstand voltage, despite a low current consumption of 6.5μA
4. Offered in a broad range of package sizes

[Application examples]
- Smart cards (ID cards, ATM, credit cards, etc.),
- Wearables and IoT devices (activity trackers, smart watches, smart glasses, etc.)