According to local Chinese media reports, affected by the novel coronavirus epidemic, the production capacity of OmniVision, a CMOS image sensor manufacturer, has not been restored in time, but by optimizing the production line, the production capacity can be restored to about 70% by the end of this month and is expected to reach 100% in March.

According to reports, OmniVision produces 400 to 500 million image sensor chips per year, and shipments of 12-inch high-pixel image sensor wafers are 200,000.

OmniVision said that in February, the company's production capacity declined due to the impact of the New Year holiday and the epidemic, and the market demand is still very high, and many customers are urging supply. At present, the company has 500 employees resumed work, has recovered to nearly 70% of manpower, and will restore 70% of production capacity by the end of the month.