According to supply chain, TI has recently written to its customers on supply chain adjustments and advised customers to adjust their suppliers in a timely manner.

Based on the contents of the disclosed letter, TI advises its customers not to purchase TI products from Avnet, compel, Eastronics, MT, Telsys, WPI or WT, and to switch to Arrow Electronics, TED, Macnica, Digikey, Mouser or

TI said that after adjusting the distribution network, although the affected distributors can still sell TI products, their inventory will continue to decrease and delivery time will be extended. This will affect the subsequent production of customers, so TI recommends that customers change suppliers as soon as possible.

In the announced list of final authorized distributors, TED and Macnica are distributors in Japan, while Digikey and Mouser are authorized catalog distributors, mainly serving small batch purchases for engineers. Therefore, most of TI's future sales will go through Arrow.