Recently, Singapore's semiconductor packaging and testing company UTAC issued a statement announcing the sale of the company to a global private equity firm.

UTAC is the world's top 10 semiconductor packaging and testing service provider, headquartered in Singapore, has 9 factories in 6 countries and regions around the world, and employs more than 10,000 people worldwide.

According to reports, UTAC's business is mainly focused on the automotive, industrial control, cloud computing and communications fields, which generally have higher profits. UTAC is the third largest automotive electronics device packaging and testing company in the world, with revenue and ranking behind Amkor and ASE. According to statistics, Amkor, ASE, and UTAC occupy 76% of the global automotive semiconductor packaging and testing market.

From the aspect of product technology, UTAC mainly focuses on the fields of analog power devices, digital-analog hybrid devices and sensors. Its QFN and Copper Clip packaging technologies are in the leading position in the industry.

UTAC's customers are major global semiconductor manufacturers, including ADI, Panasonic, Sony, TI, On Semiconductor, Elmos, ST, Microchip, and Maxim.

At present, the transaction is still subject to regulatory approval, and UTAC has not disclosed more information.