Recently, Vishay announced the launch of new conductive (184 CPNS, 185 CPNZ and 186 CPNT series) and mixed conductive (182 CPHZ and 183 CPHT series) aluminum polymer capacitors, available in 4mm x 4mm x 5.5mm to 10mm x 10mm x 12.4mm sizes. Vishay BCcomponents capacitors have longer life than standard aluminum capacitors, and they also have higher ripple currents and better impedance, saving PCB space and reducing costs.

The conductive aluminum polymer capacitor has a lifetime of 5,000 hours at the working temperature of +105°C, a ripple current of 5600mA, and an ESR as low as 9mΩ, suitable for mobile devices, consumer products, and communications applications. Devices that mix conductive materials can be used in automotive and industrial applications with a lifetime of 10,000 hours at +105°C, a ripple current of 2500mA, and an ESR as low as 20Ω.