Maxim announces the introduction of the ultra-low-power MAX32660 and MAX32652 microcontrollers to help extend battery life and enhance functionality for Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, environmental sensors, smart watches, medical/preventive health wearables, and other size-constrained devices. These microcontrollers are based on the Arm® Cortex®-M4 FPU core and are designed for high-end applications where power consumption is strictly limited. Maxim's Darwin Series MCUs combine wearable power management technology to provide the largest storage capacity in the equivalent product and the industry's most advanced embedded security technology.


  1. Ultra-low power: The most efficient mode with lowest power consumption, advanced power management, low-power SRAM retention mode, extended battery life
  2. Highly integrated: Integrated high-speed peripherals including SD memory cards and controllers, Hi-Speed ​​USB 2.0, TFT display, and external memory
  3. Security: Make use of the best Maxim security toolbox in the industry to build a security sensor solution for IoT devices

"These microcontrollers provide advanced features that enable designers to get rid of the limitations of current development applications." Kris Ardis, Director of Microprocessor and Security Products Division, Maxim Integrated, said: "In the past, designers must give priority to the following three Two of the key features: lower power consumption, higher performance, or lower system cost, and with Maxim's low-power microcontrollers, they can now balance the three.