In order to reduce the cost of IoT product development and speed up the design time, Dialog announced the launch of the new Bluetooth 5.1 system single chip "SmartBond TINY" (DA14531), which allows engineers to add BLE functionality to applications for as little as 0.5 US dollars, greatly simplifying Bluetooth product development and promoting wider applications.

According to Dialog, the number of devices that require wireless connectivity is increasing, but the cost of implementing a complete IoT system is under pressure. The main reason why most devices cannot be connected and intelligent is that the cost is too high. Therefore, Dialog takes cost reduction as the starting point and builds a Bluetooth SoC with lower cost but high performance.

Dialog started with fewer materials, fewer external components, smaller / cheaper batteries, and lower cost manufacturing to achieve a smaller, high-performance Bluetooth SoC with lower prices. With a production volume of 10 million units, the price can be as low as 0.5 US dollars. In addition, the company also launched the SmartBond TINY module, with a mass production volume of one million, the price of each module is only about $ 1, which can also reduce development costs.

It is reported that the size of the new product is 2.0 x 1.7 mm. It only needs six external passive components, a clock source and a power supply to form a complete Bluetooth low energy system. For developers, this means that SmartBond TINY can easily fit into any design, such as an electronic stylus, shelf label, beacon, or active RFID tag for asset management.

In short, the newly introduced Bluetooth SoC with small size and high performance successfully reduced system costs, solved the problem of increasing IoT devices and rising costs in a timely manner, and could extend wireless connectivity to the medical field, such as dispensers, scales, thermometers, blood glucose meters and more.