According to reports, Intel CEO Bob Swan mentioned in a recent media interview that Intel will no longer focus on pursuing CPU market share in the future.

Bob Swan explained that pursuing only CPU market share is not good for the company's development. He hopes that the company will play an increasing role in the next few years, and not just succeed in the CPU field.

In the past few years, Intel has accounted for more than 90% of the x86 CPU market. Its annual revenue in 2017 was US $ 59.4 billion, while the total revenue of the US CPU market in 2016 was US $ 66 billion. Bob Swan further pointed out that focusing on 90% of the CPU market share is a reason for missing the company's transformation opportunities.

Bob Swan believes that maintaining the majority share of the CPU has led to Intel becoming complacent, ignoring the larger market and technological innovation. He hopes that Intel will have a 30% market share in the "all-silicon" field. Having a 30% market share in the "all-silicon" area means that Intel not only has more room for growth, but also more diversification. With the company's efforts on Nervana processors and Xe GPUs, Intel seems to be ready to start capturing market share in new markets.