IC Insights recently released its latest report, which states that as the IC market growth resumes in 2020, NAND Flash will grow strongly, with sales growth ahead of all other products..

According to IC Insights' The McClean Report 2020, 26 of the 33 IC product categories will resume growth in 2020. Among them, the fastest growing product is NAND Flash, which will grow by 19%, and DRAM ranks third with a growth rate of 12%.

IC Insights: IC market will resume growth next year-SemiMedia

In addition to mobile applications, solid-state computing is also expected to drive demand for high-density, high-performance NAND flash memory next year. With the application of 5G networking in the mobile, data center and cloud computer servers, as well as in the automotive and industrial markets, the growth of NAND Flash and DRAM is expected to be even stronger. In addition, artificial intelligence, deep learning and virtual reality will also contribute to the growth of NAND Flash and DRAM.

As the number of electronic components in automobiles continues to increase, IC Insights expects automotive-specific logic ICs to maintain steady growth in the new year. In fact, automotive-specific logic ICs and embedded microprocessors (Embedded MPUs) are the top five fastest-growing IC products in the past three years.

In recent years, automobiles have become a driving force for growth in a number of IC product areas, especially in automotive-specific logic devices. New cars have been adding electronic systems that improve performance, safety, and passenger convenience. In addition, advances in autonomous driving technology and growth in global e-vehicle sales have also increased the average semiconductor usage per new car.

IC Insights' The McClean Report 2020 will be released in January 2020. For more information, please refer to the IC Insights website.