According to media reports, SK Hynix has announced the future planning of its products. It is expected to launch 800+ layers of NAND flash memory in 2030, which will make it easy to produce SSDs with capacity from 100 to 200TB.

According to SK Hynix’ previous announcement, the mass production time of the 128-layer stack of 4D NAND flash will be in the 4th quarter of 2019. In addition, SK hynix demonstrated a new "PE8030" SSD with PCIe 4.0×4 interface connection, and provides 800GB, 1600GB, 3200GB, 6400GB different capacities, and continuous read and write speeds of up to 6200MB/s, 3300MB/s, and 4KB random read and write up to 950K IOPS, 260K IOPS.

In terms of R&D, SK hynix is currently developing 176-layer NAND flash memory. The product will be available in 2020 and the 500-layer stack product will be available in 2025. The 800+ stack of 4D NAND flash is expected to be available in 2030, and the TB/wafer capacity ratio is expected to increase to 100 to 200TB.