Recently, Guangzhou Customs seized 1.8 million electronic components suspected of infringing intellectual property rights. According to reports, the case was the most infringing case of the most recently seized goods.

Guangzhou Customs said that the goods indicated in the shipment were PVC hoses, U-disks, etc., but the actual goods were electronic components such as integrated circuits and MLCC, and trademarks such as Murata, SAMSUNG and Texas Instruments were used. The Customs emphasized that the goods were not exported according to the correct product name. In addition, the neutral packaging of the outer packaging of these products does not have any obvious identification, and the mixed packaging of various brands does not conform to the law of import and export of formal authorized goods.

After the appraisal, the customs confirmed that the goods using the “Murata” trademark in the exported electronic components were infringing and counterfeit goods, totaling 1.8 million pieces.