Bourns has introduced two new TVS diode surge protection series to meet the miniaturization of components required for today's highly integrated, high power density designs. The SMF4L and SMF4L-Q series are available in a compact, low profile surface mount SOD-123FL package that is 50% smaller than Bourns' previous generation SMAJ series TVS diodes and is only 1.125 mm high.

Bourns optimizes this high-reliability ESD and voltage transient protection components for data lines, DC power supplies, and a variety of telecom, computer, industrial, and consumer electronics applications, both with reverse operating voltages of 12 to 58 volts The peak pulse power consumption is 400 watts at 10/1000μs. In addition, the SMF4L-Q series is AEC-Q101 compliant and is ideal for use in certain challenging environments.