Toshiba recently announced the launch of its newest member of the brushed DC motor driver IC series "TB67H450FNG". The new product has a maximum rating of 50V/3.5A and can drive the motor at a wide operating voltage. In addition, the product is packaged in a small HSOP8 surface mount that is compatible with pin assignments for greater applicability. The product has already started mass production.

The TB67H450FNG can drive brushed motors from a supply voltage of 4.5V to 44V. It supports a wide range of applications including USB powered, battery powered and industrial 12 to 36V powered devices. In addition, the TB67H450FNG has a 3.5A current drive capability for motor drives in vacuum sweeping robots, refrigerators and other appliances, as well as office equipment, ATM machines and more.

To meet the demand for low power consumption, Toshiba also optimized the standby current consumption of the TB67H450FNG through the newly developed power supply circuit. When the motor stops running, it automatically enters standby mode and turns off the VCC regulator for internal circuit operation. This helps help OA equipment and appliances reduce energy consumption and extend battery life in battery-powered equipment.

The TB67H450FNG is packaged in a small surface mount HSOP8 package that is designed to save space and achieve good thermal performance. Target applications are industrial equipment, household appliances, battery-powered equipment and equipment using 5V USB power, including OA equipment and bank terminals, vacuum sweeping robots, electronic locks and small home robots.