Infineon Technologies has developed an excellent 3D image sensor solution for the mobile device market, the REAL3™ IRS2381C. Today, this 3D time-of-flight (ToF) single-chip solution has been named the "Best of the Year" in the "Sensor" category by the Embedded Vision Alliance.

Time-of-flight (ToF) is currently the most advanced image sensing technology, which promotes the application of 3D cameras in next-generation mobile devices and will drive the rapid growth of 3D image sensing applications in the next few years. Time of Flight refers to the time it takes for a photon to travel from the camera to an object or target and then back to the REAL3 sensor. Behind this principle is a remarkable innovation: it enables a more secure interaction between users and smartphones.

The IRS2381C image sensor delivers a premium, secure, real-time 3D viewing experience that delivers exceptional performance regardless of lighting conditions, including outdoor. Compared to other 3D technologies, such as structured light, Infineon's 3D time-of-flight technology has reduced key components from three to two. In addition, because it supports direct distance measurements, it minimizes the computational resources required by the application processor. All in all, the solution increases reliability, shrinks size, and costs more competitively while significantly reducing power consumption.

Developed in Graz, Dresden and Siegen, this new 3D image sensor chip combines the proprietary technology of the Infineon German plant with the Austrian plant in the same solution. Thanks to Infineon's reliable mass production capabilities and precise calibration of the entire life cycle of the product, the IRS2381C is the preferred 3D image sensor for 3D camera manufacturers in mobile applications.