Today, Qualcomm and Apple issued a statement announcing a settlement agreement. The settlement included the withdrawal of the lawsuit between the two companies in the world, Apple will pay Qualcomm an authorization fee, and the two parties reached a six-year direct licensing agreement.

This means that Qualcomm and Apple have ended a global litigation battle against antitrust and patent infringement in the past two years.

On the Qualcomm Investor Relations website, Qualcomm announced a summary of the content of the settlement agreement, including:

Qualcomm and Apple announce reconciliation-SemiMedia

In the long run, the reconciliation between Qualcomm and Apple is the best result for both sides. Apple can continue to consolidate its leading position in the mobile phone industry. Qualcomm regains its important customer orders and puts more energy into the innovation of the mobile phone industry. It is also beneficial to the entire mobile phone industry, especially the development of the entire mobile phone industry when 5G arrives. .