Nexperia announced today that as an independent company, it has achieved more than 35% revenue growth in just two years, launched more new products, and has expanded its annual production capacity to more than 100 billion units.

Over the past two years, Nexperia has launched more than 1,500 products. These new discrete components, logic components and MOSFET components have been successfully introduced to the market.

In the past 18 months, the industry has experienced a shortage of supply. To solve this problem, Nexperia has significantly expanded its production capacity at its plant in Guangdong, China, and has significantly increased wafer production at its fabs in Hamburg and Manchester. Frans Scheper, CEO of the company, said: "We are able to increase our market share because we invested in new facilities at the right time. In the past two years, production has increased by nearly 20%. What is important is that Nexperia manufactures most of the products manufactured by Nexperia exceed the requirements of the automotive standard AEC-Q100/101."

One of Nexperia's main markets is automotive applications, and the company is fully committed to providing more demanding and up-to-date product portfolios for this demanding industry. At the same time, Nexperia is also well positioned in the consumer electronics, communications and industrial markets.

It is worth mentioning that distributors have always played a very strategic role in providing services to customers at Nexperia. In 2018, Nexperia's sales reached a milestone of $1 billion, which is the result of its joint efforts with its global distributors. Nexperia said that global partners including Avnet, Arrow, Future and WPI are an important part of the Nexperia team.

Frans Scheper said: "Our history can be traced back to well-known brands such as Philips and NXP in the last hundred years, but now as an independent company, we can pursue our own strategy and achieve higher goals. Therefore, we are in the fast track of 20 billion US dollars in sales by 2021. In this connected world, Nexperia is working with leading companies around the world on a global scale to provide products that enable these pioneering ICs to play an important role in real-world applications.”

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