Recently, due to the depreciation of virtual currency, many miners sell mining equipment as second-hand, resulting in the circulation of a large number of second-hand graphics cards on the market, but are these second-hand graphics cards for mining really suitable for consumers to buy?

Currently, the most popular second-hand graphics cards on the market are GeForce GTX1060 and GeForce GTX1070. At the same time, the surge in the number of second-hand graphics cards has also caused prices to fall sharply. From the average price quoted from the supply chain, the second-hand price of GTX1060 6GB A-class products is around 133-160 US dollars, which is about 90 dollars lower than the same period of last year.

The graphics cards that were used for mining can be used for personal computers, but most of the experts hold negative opinions. They argue that although these second-hand graphics cards seem to be intact, the internals may have been damaged, so the failure rate will be very high.

Compared to server or military graphics cards, consumer-grade graphics cards are relatively less durable. Under normal circumstances, the use of the graphics card is a few hours a day, but in the case of mining, the working time of the graphics card is several times higher, and has been operating at high load. Therefore, when using these second-hand graphics cards, there may be a blue screen or a strange pattern.

Relevant manufacturers said that when there is a problem with second-hand graphics cards, it is difficult for non-professionals to effectively remedy. If there is no knowledge of hardware, it will be more appropriate to buy a new graphics card.