Recently, David Somo, senior vice president of strategy, marketing and solutions engineering at ON Semiconductor, issued an open letter on the 2018 review and the 2019 outlook, saying that ON Semiconductor is optimistic about the market this year.

In 2019, ON Semiconductor is optimistic about the prospects as the company deploys a full lineup of power semiconductor products, analog solutions and smart sensing products based on industry trends. At the same time, its key technologies further promote and support the forward momentum and realization of the end products that constitute the industry's general trend.

ON Semiconductor continues to invest in high-growth segments and strategic acquisitions such as the acquisition of SensL in 2018 and its commitment to providing highly differentiated products for the automotive, industrial and cloud power end markets, all of which are characteristic of ON Semiconductor's 2019 strategy .

ON Semiconductor believes that innovation and development in the electronics field has consistently exceeded other areas. Driven by major trends in automotive autopilot and powertrain functions, construction and industrial automation, Internet of Things and Industry 4.0, machine vision and decentralized artificial intelligence (AI), innovation in the electronics field will continue, and the result will be more exciting new products and technologies will be part of our daily lives.

ON Semiconductor is paying more attention to how and where some of the big trends are using semiconductor products, helping to understand the importance and growth opportunities of ON Semiconductor's technology in these areas. IoT and IIoT continue to accelerate and will become more prominent and important in 2019. ON Semiconductor offers end-to-end IoT solutions, including rugged hardware and software solutions covering awareness, power management, connectivity and security. IoT development tools and kits, such as those provided by ON Semiconductor, are critical and will continue to help reduce application-side knowledge and resource barriers.

It is reported that in 2018, ON Semiconductor's sales revenue is about 5.8 billion US dollars, which is the fifth consecutive year of nearly double-digit growth. In 2019, ON Semiconductor, with its strong forward momentum, is expected to consolidate and enhance its ranking as the world's top 20 semiconductor suppliers and the top two power semiconductors, discrete components and module suppliers.