Globalfoundries today announced that its advanced silicon germanium (SiGe) product, 9HP, is currently available for prototyping its 300mm wafer fabrication platform. This shows that the 300mm production line will have a output advantage, which will promote the growth of data centers and high-speed wired/wireless applications. With Globalfoundries' 300mm production technology, customers can increase the productivity and reproducibility of high-speed applications such as fiber optic networks, 5G millimeter-wave wireless communications and automotive radars.

Globalfoundries' 9HP continues the advantages of proven high-performance silicon germanium BiCMOS technology, supporting the high data rate growth of microwave and millimeter wave frequency applications for next-generation wireless networks and communication infrastructure such as terabyte fiber networks, 5G millimeter waves and satellite communications (SATCOM) as well as instrumentation and defense systems. This technology provides excellent low current/high frequency performance and improved heterojunction bipolar transistor (HBT) performance. Compared to the previous silicon germanium 8XP and 8HP, the maximum oscillation frequency (Fmax) is increased by 35% to 370GHz.

"High-bandwidth communication systems are becoming more complex and performance requirements are rising, all of which require higher-performance silicon solutions. Globalfoundries' 9HP is designed to deliver outstanding performance, and its 300mm production process will be able to meet customers' high-speed wired and wireless components. Demand, helping the future of data communications," said Christine Dunbar, vice president of RF business at Globalfoundries.