Electronic component distributor Element14 recently announced that it has signed a franchise agreement with Pulse Electronics, which is effective immediately.

Element14 is a high service distributor of technical products, services and solutions for the design, maintenance and repair of electronic systems. Bringing together the latest products, services and development software, in addition, Element14 has an online community where buyers and engineers can communicate directly with peers and experts, providing a variety of independent technical information and useful tools.

Pulse Electronics is a global supplier of electronic components for OEM, ODM and CEM. Pulse's engineering and manufacturing facilities in North America, Europe and Asia provide products to a wide range of international customers. The Pulse Larsen antenna meets all wireless needs; including antennas for IoT, public safety/LMR, navigation GPS products, WLAN and LTE antenna products.

“Pulse Electronics and Avnet have been partners for nearly 20 years,” said Geoff Hamilton, North America Sales Manager, Pulse Electronics. “The addition of Newark/element 14 will help to strengthen the partnership that we have worldwide. The distinctive ecosystem that Newark/element 14 and Avnet bring to the table will provide Pulse with additional exposure in both new and existing markets. The synergy we have among all three of our companies will be the driving force for years to come.”