On November 27th, wafer foundry Mosel Vitelic Inc. said that its foundry orders are fully loaded and are currently planning to invest in expansion. The new capacity is expected to be released in 2019.

As early as June of this year, Mosel said that MOSFETs have been in short supply this year, and orders have been fully loaded in the first half of the year. In response to high customer demand, Mosel will further expand its production capacity this year, and its monthly production capacity will increase from 57,000 last year to 60,000 pcs.

It is reported that Mosel has issued a notice letter to inform customers of the price increase in the middle of this year. The content includes: First, since July, the foundry price has been raised by 15-20% according to the product category. Second, high-priced customers and high-priced products are prioritized for production, and orders that were not produced at the end of June will be returned. Third, because the overall demand is too high, engineering experiments and new product trials will be suspended before the end of August.

Benefit from the strong demand in the MOSFET market, Mosel's production capacity has been maintained at full capacity this year. In order to meet customer demand, Mosel plans to raise cash capital. It is expected to raise 861 million Taiwan dollars, of which 330 million Taiwan dollars will be used for expansion. In addition, Mosel plans to order the machine in the first quarter of next year, and the new capacity will be released in 2019.

From Mosel's foundry orders and production, it is not difficult to see that the market demand for MOSFETs continues to rise. Although Mosel promises to increase production capacity, on a global scale, demand still exceeds capacity.