On November 27th, TDK announced that it has acquired the research and development business of the NdFeB magnet of Showa Denko. The specific acquisition amount has not been made public, and the acquisition process is expected to be completed by the end of January 2019.

NdFeB magnets are a key component of electric motors. TDK has undoubtedly seen the market demand for high-performance, high-quality magnets, so this acquisition was initiated.

Regarding the specific details of the acquisition, TDK will acquire research and development equipment including NdFeB magnet alloys, prototypes of a small number of production equipment, and related patents for NdFeB magnet alloys.

The magnet business operated by TDK is divided into NdFeB magnets and ferromagnetic magnets. It is mainly used in motors for automobiles, industrial machines, and information communication technology (ICT). Especially in the global electric vehicle market, which is expected to grow rapidly, there is a large demand for high-performance motors. Therefore, the development of high-quality magnets and the establishment of an efficient production system have become the top priority of various suppliers.