ADI recently announced a series of solutions in its Advanced Industry 4.0 development plan to help OEMs accelerate to Industry 4.0. These new solutions provide next-generation flexibility, connectivity and efficiency for existing plant infrastructure.

ADI's new Industry 4.0 solution:

Device level security and time sensitive network (TSN) switching

ADI now offers a new hardware-based identity solution that controls network edge security within the loop and improves the security of field devices to meet safety standards and requirements. These new features are integrated with real-time Ethernet multi-protocol switching chips with TSN features including time synchronization (802.1AS) preemption (802.1Qbu/br) to control industrial applications via OPC-UA. By combining security features with TSN features, ADI implements state-of-the-art field device communication solutions at the edge of industrial networks, accelerating customer product launches and adoption of Industry 4.0 in an easy-to-use model.

ADcmXL3021 module for condition monitoring

The ADcmXL3021 module is a complete inspection system based on ADI's award-winning Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) sensor technology that improves productivity and reduces equipment maintenance by monitoring early indicators of mechanical fatigue and failure for a wide range of industrial equipment and transportation vehicles. This three-axis vibration sensing module combines MEMS sensors with a variety of signal processing functions in a compact form factor that simplifies the development process and saves significant material costs for smart sensor nodes in condition monitoring systems.

High precision radar sensor for industrial applications

Symeo GmbH is part of Analog Devices and recently introduced the 60GHz industrial radar sensor family LPR®-1DHP-200. These next-generation positioning systems provide highly accurate and powerful one-dimensional distance measurement with millimeter accuracy for advanced automation, transportation and production processes.

“Our customers want to move quickly to Industry 4.0, but they also need to ensure that their investments are viable long-term plans,” said Brendan O'Dowd, General Manager, Industrial Automation Business Unit, Analog Devices. “This may be very difficult to achieve given the current pace of innovation. We focus on a range of solutions that allow customers to quickly seize the opportunity to get the existing legacy infrastructure on the fast track of Industry 4.0. Every solution we announce today is a key building block for these strategies, including deterministic ethernet, security, and status monitoring."

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