According to Japanese media reports, Murata is developing a new high-voltage electrostatic discharge inductive component that can be used in ADAS, powertrain and other automotive electronics.

On November 22nd, Murata said that the company is developing the highest level of inductive components for high-voltage electrostatic discharge (ESD) for automotive power supplies, and samples will be shipped in sequence.

This product not only has the same performance as the inductor for commercial applications, but also improves the ESD protection for automotive specifications. With high performance and reliability, it can be widely used in automotive electronics such as ADAS, automotive infotainment systems, powertrains, and high-speed car networks.

Inductive components produced by Murata have a large market share in the smartphone market. According to "Nikkei Industry" reported on October 16, due to the high demand for vehicles, Murata has invested 40 billion yen to build a new plant in Shimane-ken at the end of September, and then invest another 10 billion yen to build a new factory in Okayama Prefecture. Murata is slowly withdrawing from the general passive component market and accelerating the transfer of products to the automotive electronics market.