Wafer Works, a semiconductor silicon fab, announced that its plant in Songjiang, Shanghai, China, is expected to begin relocation at the end of November and production will be transferred to Taiwan. According to industry insiders, this may affect its capacity and operations.

Wafer Works said that the Songjiang plant was located in the water source protection zone. It received the request of the Shanghai Municipal Government to relocate the plant this year. After half a year of communication, it is expected to start relocating at the end of this month.

Wafer Works also said that it will build a factory in Yangzhou, China, with a capacity of 150,000 pieces. Currently, the Yangzhou plant has begun to build a clean room, which is expected to be completed from March to April next year. In addition, its Zhengzhou 8-inch factory will begin mass production in December.

Wafer Works stressed that it hopes to get more time to relocate and arrange orders to be transferred as soon as possible, which will not affect production.

According to industry insiders, if the order is transferred from Shanghai to Taiwan, it needs to be verified to start production. If everything goes well, it will take about a quarter to mass production, this will have an impact on customer orders.