According to reports, SK Hynix is accelerating the development of DRAM technology. It is predicted that SK Hynix will invest more in the memory semiconductor market than Samsung and Micron next year.

SK hynix is not only active in memory semiconductors, but also has a great influence throughout the semiconductor industry. According to the market survey results of IC Insights, SK hynix has achieved the third place in the global semiconductor market this year. This is the first time SK hynix has entered the top three, so the market also predicts that compared with competing companies, next year SK Hynix’s market share is likely to continue to expand.

According to Korean media reports, next year SK hynix will invest more actively than Samsung Electronics and Micron Group. It is estimated that Samsung's DRAM and NAND shipment growth rate will be 19% and 35% respectively compared with the previous year; while SK hynix will increase by 23% and 40% respectively; Micron will increase by 21% and 15% respectively. SK hynix will expand its supply next year through the Cheongju M15 NAND plant and the DRAM plant in Wuxi, China.

On November 4th, SK hynix said that PUC (Peri under Cell) technology will be introduced this year to mass produce 96-layer 3D NAND, SK hynix named it "4D NAND". It is not difficult to see that SK hynix is expanding its technological advantages in the industry through its cutting-edge technology.