System designers are always looking for ways to increase system efficiency and performance, extend battery life, add new features, and reduce form factor and BOM costs. Maxim Integrated's latest analog ICs showcase industry-leading features that paved the way for them to achieve these results. At the ongoing electronica 2018 show in Munich, Germany, Maxim Integrated has exhibited three new building-block analog ICs, the MAX41464, the MAX38888 and the MAX16141.

The MAX41464 is a sub-1GHz frequency shift keying (FSK) transmitter with the industry's highest output power + 16dBm for remote wireless sensors in a variety of applications, including building automation and security systems. The transmitter is powered by a single coin cell battery and consumes only 12 mA of operating current, which is 30% lower than the nearest competitor, greatly extending battery life. The IC can be used under extreme temperature conditions with an ambient temperature range of minus 40°C to 105°C .

The MAX38888 is an inverse buck/boost regulator with industry-leading 95% peak efficiency. The MAX38888 operates from a 2.5 to 5V input in buck mode and can charge energy storage devices with up to 500mA of peak inductor current. In the event of a power failure, the MAX38888 operates in boost mode and provides 2.5 to 5V output. The maximum 2.5A peak inductor current comes from the energy storage device and is discharged to 0.8V. In portable electronics where the main power source is a battery, the MAX38888's quiescent current in idle mode is 15 times lower than competing solutions, doubling battery life. The MAX38888 is available in a 38mm2 solution size, which is 33% smaller than the closest competing solution.

The MAX16141 is a 36V ORing FET controller with voltage and current circuit breakers for monitoring overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, reverse current and overtemperature conditions in automotive power applications, including infotainment and ADAS. The controller provides full system protection to reverse current events in a fast response time of 0.3μs, increasing system hold time and functionality in automotive transient conditions. By enabling a true shutdown mode to prevent leakage current and minimizing current consumption to an inactive circuit, the controller reduces total system power and prioritizes engine start-up power over all other electrical systems

The above three products are being demonstrated in Munich, where the MAX41464 and MAX38888 are on the Maxim Integrated booth, stand 440 in Hall C4, and the MAX16141 is on the Avnet Silica booth at 514 in Hall B4.